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CHIP Power Play

The reboot of classic gaming magazine Power Play, covering contemporary and classic games for an audience of mature players. CHIP Power Play is written by a team of gaming media veterans and published quarterly as a German print magazine.


The ‘Gaming Veterans Podcast’ is a casual get-together of Anatol, Boris, Joerg, Winnie & me, discussing current gaming events and browsing through old magazines we used to work on back in the day. The podcast recordings are usually in German, occasionally guest stars like Ron Gilbert or Bob Bates add an international sparkle.

Kult-Computer der 80er

Retro special by CHIP magazine that looks back at the golden age of home computers, featuring Atari 800, ST, Commodore 64 and Amiga. I contributed over 20 pages of gaming coverage, daring to list the 100 most important games of the period (divided into 5 system-specific top 20 lists).

Die Stunde der Kritiker

The ‘Critics’ Hour’ is a German-language video series that shows two guys playing the first hour of a a new release. Watch the hilarious adventures and mishaps of the reviewers who rate the game based on their personal willingness to continue playing. I’m the (almost regular) co-host together with Joerg Langer from GamersGlobal.de.

PC Player (1992-2001)

PC Player was one of the first dedicated PC gaming magazines and peaked as the #1 selling computer game publication in Germany. PC Player was created and managed by Boris Schneider and me, from the initial concept to editor-in-chief duties. DMV-Verlag launched the magazine in December 1992, the final issue was published in May 2001.

Power Play (1987-2000)

Power Play was Germany’s leading gaming publication from the late 1980s until the mid 90s. It began as a series of six specials by Markt&Technik magazine Happy-Computer in 1987, spent the next 14 months as a supplement and finally re-emerged as a monthly publication in 1990. Power Play covered the golden age of home computers …